Guidelines for Environmental Management


Songkhla biomass CO.,LTD implements the policy by setting targets , strategie plans / programs , work plans and key performance indicators. Also take into the environmental impact in every way and community. Our Quality security safety health and Environmental policy include.

1. The power plant is designed to minimize the the environmental impact.
2. Use rubber root and wood are fuel because of low sulfer dioxide and in the local.
3. Installation of burner for reducing oxide of nitrogen (Low Noxburner).
4. Installation of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP).
5. Installation of waste water treatment plant
6. To prevent sound resulting from the operation.
7. Standards controlling pollution from power plants.


Measures to prevent environmental impact.

Air ambient   - Installation of Electrostatic precipition (ESP).
  - Installation of flue CEMS Specification.
Water quality   - Installation of Cooling Tower.
  - Installation and Control of waste water treatment.
  - Have an emergency fund fix
Ash   - Landfill or develop to fertilzer.
Noise   - Construeted buildings cover WSM and planted trees.